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Yes.  I am that crazy oil person. And.... Reiki person.  And....feng shui person.  GMO's?  Not for my family!    Organic garden in the backyard?  Of course!  Vitamins?  You betcha!  We  live as "organic" and naturally as possible and as our means allow 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  And, we've been doing this for about 15 years.  


So, now that you know my type I want to share with you my history of natural healing and using essential oils and explain to you that this is not some new bandwagon I have hopped on.  It just so happens that natural healing in my life goes back to 1997 with my introduction to The Keys of Enoch from the AFFS in Las Gatos, CA.  Reiki, essential oil usage and so much more followed.  Let's talk first about the oils. How did I come to use essential oil?  


In 1997 I began working in a spiritual study group.  Yes.  I am one of those, too.  I was introduced at the age of 25 to tea tree oil, lavender, patchouli (just call me a smelly hippy), sandalwood and more.  In 1999 I went to work for a metaphysical bookstore.  We carried a wide assortment of oils and my friend and I even began to make our own line of blends.  Fast forward to 2001.  I was pregnant with The Sun and knew we would be parenting in a very natural and healthy way.  He was breastfed and cloth diapered.  


My solution was 2 parts water, 1 part aloe vera gel and about 4 drops of  tea tree oil in a 4-6 ounce spray bottle that I purchased at the drug store.    Tea tree is not the best oil to use on baby boys, but it kept the rash away and kept his bum soothed.  On my blog you'll find many  posts on essential oils and their uses and links to great resources as well as a link to my Doterra oil store.  

It was around1999 that I first became a Reiki practitioner.  I was doing yoga, studying many mystery traditions and had the opportunity to encounter many amazing healers from various traditions.  I was set on the path of natural healing and have really never looked back.  Eventually I progressed to Master-Teacher level of Reiki and use it on a regular basis on myself and my family, my food, my environment, negative situations that may appear in my name it.  What is Reiki?


Great question!  Reiki is a system of energetic healing that has ancient roots and was brought back into the forefront of humanity during World War II (or so the legend goes).  There are many websites dedicated to and many books.  The best resources for many years are The International Center for Reiki and Essential Reiki by Diane Stein.Reiki and oils have been a major part of natural living in our home but we rely on so many other things as well.  A natural diet free from dyes, preservatives and chemicals;  good sleep;  lots of time out of doors and as little stress as possible.  Change your world today and begin the healing.


Now that you know about my oil use and Reiki history, among other things, let's talk about feng shui.  What is feng shui?  These words translate into "wind" and "water but when together and speaking of the practice of such - it is simply the art of placement.  I have found through the years that most people are naturally in-tune with what should go where in their homes to bring the greatest peace and harmony.  In ancient times as well as in modern China, feng shui practitioners are commissioned by the wealthy to ensure continued  continued peace, prosperity and good healthy in their lives.  Feng Shui is used from the ground up in private homes, corporate settings, hospitals and even orphanages.    Feng shui can be as complicated as using one's birthday as the basis for the cures (which is the best starting point) to as simple as adding prisms to a room to create a rainbow effect to help keep the energy of the space clean.


I have always been drawn to the less is more attitude (so how do I have so much to purge?) and making our living space harmonious and welcoming.  So, in 2005 I took the plunge and spent 7 days intensively training with a feng shui teacher and walked away "certified".  Or, I should be certified, not sure which.  Regardless, my favorite books for the home feng shui practitioner are Feng Shui: Step by Step (Simon) and Lillian Too's Feng Shui Workbook.  In addition to a good feng shui primer, for anyone wanting to bring peace and health into the home, I highly recommend Denise Lin's Space Clearing.  I learned to clean the energy around myself and in my home from several teachers and shaman through the years.  However, hands down, Denise Lin's book is the best on the market for someone looking to learn on their own or just wanting to incorporate other techniques into their space clearing practice.  


While not a quote from a clutter-clearing book, I will leave you with this:


*(Please visit the Doterra blog for tips on using essential oils or visit  for tips on safe use of essential oils.)

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