Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, our the Sun and the Moonflower had a great time on Easter Sunday. We got out of bed to find that the Easter bunny had visited and showered the children with gifts. Noah received new coloring pencils and paper as well as an electric pencil sharpener. Arwyn found a Kai-Lan book and a packet of flash cards in her basket. Both children were delighted to find a chocolate bunny and a plush bunny in their baskets as well.

After a nice breakfast and careful dressing, we headed to Nathan's grandparent's house where we were greeted by about 25 other relatives all ready for an Italian lunch and an egg hunt. I can tell you that the kids were thrilled by the prospect of searching for eggs.

Arwyn had a great time, though seriously crashed once we left (it appears she was given lots more dessert than I would have liked causing her to fall asleep in the car and tantrum the rest of the evening.) Oh well. I guess that's a lesson for Mom to keep a better eye next time!

I have a few photos to share of the day. The kids looked great. There are actually more really great photos of the entire family that I'll share when they are sent to me.