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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Moon's Big Bedroom Redo

I'm a little embarrassed to have folks over sometimes.  Our house is in desperate need of some love.  I know.  First world problems.  Truly.   I have a room that I LOVE, which is our dining room and several rooms that I hate.  The Sun's room is also pretty fantastic even if I do say so myself.  That's where the Moon's room redo comes in.

Both children had decent rooms that fit their styles and needs.  But, neither was sleeping well.  After much consideration, we I decided to flip the rooms.  Once the rooms were flipped I quickly moved into action and made a couple of simple changes - primarily touching up picture holes and painting one wall the color of his choice and now we have his Hobbit room.  Perfect for any tween/teen boy.

That left the Moon in a sad brown room with brown furniture.  It couldn't be more drab and inappropriate for a girl whose personality knows no bounds like Arwyn.  After a year I have finally begun her room redo.  It's going to take a good month to pull this thing off.  Not gonna lie.  Right now I'm working diligently on the bedding, namely the 100 Good Wishes Quilt that I started collecting the squares, well, let's just say it was sometime ago.

Here's a little sneak peak at the Moon's room redo with the fabric we picked out yesterday for the quilt binding, pillow shams and valances.