Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Overkill

We were in the car and my son said to me (again), "Why doesn't the Easter bunny bring me Lego sets and iTunes cards like my friends?"  Before I could stop my self I responded, "Because they are spoiled."  (I may have given it away.)  Luckily, he is 13, so it was not a shock (though our motto is "those who do not believe do not receive").  This is not the first time this has come up.  He doesn't focus on it but he has asked a few times through the years.

When our children awaken on Easter morning they run into the kitchen like millions of children across the United States to see what the mystical bunny has brought for them.  Last year, due to a serious deficiency on said bunny's part, there was no chocolate bunny (apparently all of the high quality chocolate was given out before he arrived at our house) but there were ample chocolate eggs and chocolate covered sunflower seeds in a carrot shaped package.  "Why do my friends get so much candy and we get sunflower seeds?"  Really?  See above response.

Each of the children's baskets last year contained a little candy, seeds to be planted in the garden and something special that the big bunny thought they would each enjoy.  The Sun received husband and wife gnomes for the garden and the moon got a new garden flag for her fairy garden.  This year looks similar.  Healthy organic gummies and chocolate eggs on a stick.  They'll  receive some wonderful thing to take them through a summer of fun.   Based on their needs (not their wants) it will most likely be gardening tools and gloves and perhaps some other small item.  You see, Easter just does not scream Legos to me.  Or iTunes for that matter.

You see, I believe we are not serving our children by gifting them with toys at every turn.  The greatest gifts we give our children are the tools to live an authentic life, humility, compassion, love and the understanding that hard work is the foundation to success.  So, do yourself a favor.  Do your kids a favor and dial it back a notch this year.

Regardless of your reason for the season, Happy Easter and may your spring be full of abundance.