Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Surgery

Well, we knew it was a possibility. I have put lots of energy into not having it. But, we are at the point where there is a chance that Arwyn will undergo what is known as a P-Flap or Pharyngeal Flap surgery. We are in speech therapy 1 day a week and we work with her constantly at home. But, she is hypernasal and her speech, though making HUGE improvements is not always clear.

We have her scheduled for a nasal endoscopy which will give definitive answers as to whether or not a secondary surgery should be scheduled. It gives me some comfort to know that the cleft team she sees has given her palate surgery a year to shake out, along with speech therapy to see how far she could come in making speech sounds.

This surgery does not come without risks. Not the traditional risks of palate closure - which are mainly anaesthesia risks....but real risks. Serious sleep apnea, snoring, possibly never being able to breathe out of the nose again due to how it all comes together. Is clear speech worth it?

If it all turns out the way it should, then yes. If it goes wrong, then no. Our little Moonflower is a fighter, though and very determined. I've rarely seen a more strong willed child. And, our cleft team we see is top notch. I am very hard on doctors and if I did not have complete faith in this surgeon, well, we would not even consider this option.

So, keep Arwyn in your thoughts. Let's hope that what she needs is shown to us and that the right decisions are made all around. Ugh.....parenting is not for the feint hearted!