About Me

I’m Dana, known most of the time nowadays as “Mama" and have won (and majorly lost) the coveted Croy Family "Mom of the Year Award" 13 years running.   In case you were wondering. I wear many hats including – wife, mother, sister, daughter, volunteer, healer, organizer, Southerner and more!

Why Feng Shui Mama?  Feng Shui (pronounced fuhng shwey) means wind and water is known as the art of harmoniously arranging your environment to bring good fortune, health and happiness to your life. Bringing harmony to my family and our home is my ever-constant goal.

A both a Master Reiki (2002) and Certified Feng Shui (2005) practitioner, the energy that flows around me and my family is always on my mind. Because of this we are in some minds, well, granola.  We eat naturally and my recipes are gluten free and wholesome. My home is not perfect but it is typically clean - using natural cleaning products, of course, and organized. Inspiration comes to me in many forms – friends, family, God and more. I was inspired growing up by a Mother who loved the kitchen, kept a clean and organized home, and showed her love for us through her cooking.  Look around my home you might find an image of a Catholic saint along side a statue of Budhha.

In addition to being a dedicated wife and mother, I spend much time serving in my community.  After spending two years on a the board of Linden Waldorf School (2010-12), I began serving with the local chapter of Families with Children from China (2012 - present) and act as volunteer marketing and media advisor for Caring for China's Orphans.  You can view more of more professiona life at Linked In

I invite you to sit down and spend a few minutes with me and hope you find inspiration as I attempt to harmonize motherhood with the modern day world.

Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing.” ~Donna Hedges

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