Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kim John Payne

Recently Kim John Payne was a guest for a few days at the kid's school.  KJP shared so many things that I have said for years but it often takes someone like him to drive the point home.  He had a profound impact on so many of our families and I'm sharing his blog with you here!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WOW! On Education...

I want you all to run to this article as it may be the most profound thing I have ever read or at least read in a long time on education. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On Dad's FB Response to Daughter!

Okay, so this is the guy who posted a video on FB in response to his daughter's rant about chores in the home. I know he went over the top but damn this guy is a wake up call to America.  Watch it and listen and though you and I may not complete agree with his tactics look around at how parents are crippling their children all around the world and creating an entitlement generation.

In our home our children get hugs and kisses and sleep with us regularly and get homemade cookies and at least 2 hot meals a day and playdates with friends and trips to the library and to historical and cultural events.  They also get daily chores and consequences if expectations are not met.  They are given presents on birthdays and Christmas.  They are also given the opportunity to purchase ALL of their own toys the remainder of the year.  In fact, our son is currently saving his hard earned money for a DS.  He has over $100 and very proud of that though he has been tempted to spend said money on other things.  

As society improves and technology increases and the focus on children and education continues to grow, many parents become slaves to their children's wants and desires.  I can honestly say that I am so grateful we have decided to think out of the box in regards to educating our kids as there are few status symbols on our campus and kids with the latest technologies know to leave it and talk of it (mostly) at home.   No one knows name brands and whether or not you purchase your groceries from a local farm is more important that whether or not you are wearing Prada.

I'd love to hear your opinion of this video so feel free to comment or to send me a shout out via email!

Happy Parenting.