Friday, February 6, 2015

I Vaccinated My Children But I Did It On My Terms

The year was 2001 and we were new parents anxious to everything right and natural for our precious new baby.  Midwife?  Check.  Birthing Plan?  Check.  Breastpump?  Well, we had to rent that one.  Some things didn't go according to plan.  After 8 months of being quite ill, I delivered 5.5 weeks early due to the onset of eclampsia and our son spent nearly two weeks in the NICU after birth by cesarean.  So, my birth didn't go as planned, but one thing we did plan on and stuck to was an alternative vaccination schedule.  I remember like it was yesterday the day we walked into the NICU to see the newly born Sun and ran into the ped who said, "We are about to give him a Hep B vaccine."  I don't think so.  Did any of you read our very instructions that clearly stated, "NO vaccinations?"  Obviously not.  In fact, it was not until our son turned seven and we were planning a trip to China that we decided to vaccinate him for Hep B.

Once home from the hospital we worked out an alternate vaccination plan with our pediatrician.  She was NOT thrilled.  In fact, after two years of being in disagreement about all of our parenting choices (extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, removal of dairy due to our son's projectile vomiting and the alternate vaccination schedule) we decided to go our separate ways.  Our son by that time was nearly fully vaccinated - on our terms - with the exception of Hep B and Varicella (chicken pox).  Upon finding a new doctor, he agreed that we did not fall into any categories to necessitate the aforementioned Hep B and he believed that the chicken pox vaccine was/is completely bunk (since that time, they have realized that the Varicella only gives 4 to 6 years of immunity and have now added a second dose).  However, we decided to give our son that vaccination as well due to our trip to China.

So, why the alternative schedule?  It was around the time our son was born that the autism - vaccination correlation began to take hold.  Since then, the science behind that has been proven as incorrect but it is difficult to undue what was once done.  Why the foothold on this idea?  Why do smart, educated, well-read folks, people like my husband and I, continue to be distrustful of vaccinations?  I suspect the evidence is mostly anecdotal.  How many times have we seen friends and relatives with a crying baby who was running a fever due to that day's round of vaccinations?  I can tell you that our first pediatrician told us in no uncertain terms that vaccinations and fevers are entirely coincidental (yes, she's still practicing) and that babies who run fevers after being vaccinated surely were already sick (every one of them).    Our own son cried and ran fevers when receiving ONE vaccination.  I cannot imagine giving him a full round in one day!

What about adults?  How many people get sick after receiving a flu shot?  How many have aches and pains after receiving their own vaccinations?  I know I did.  I remember being vaccinating with the MMR before heading to college and receiving other vaccinations, like Hep B before our last trip abroad.  Knot in arm, headache, general malaise.  If this is how WE feel, what are multiple vaccinations doing to our children, our very small children, often as young as 9 months?  Going even further, do you know that the CDC has given nearly $2 BILLION in vaccine payouts?  These were the folks who reported, fought, and had the means to go to court.  How many cases are unreported?  I have friends whose children went into febrile fevers causing seizures the day of their vaccinations.  The peds response?  Not vaccination related, coincidental, etc.  In other words...not reported to the CDC.

I'm not telling you to not vaccinate your children.  In fact, just the opposite.  Vaccinate.  Do it for me.  Do it for you.  But, know the risks.  Ask for an alternate schedule.

  And, know that right now as many cry for stricter laws on vaccinations, that you are not getting the whole story. 

Below are links to a few websites that offer more information on the issues with vaccinations, such as the newest kid on the block - the HPV (Gardasil) vaccination

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